CasaLora is located in the western part
of the island near Forio, which has preserved
a noteworthy historic centre. Among the most
interesting buildings, we recommend the
Chiesa del Soccorso, built in the 16th century
on a headland jutting out into the sea,
the Torrione and the other seven towers,
strategically placed for spotting invaders,
and the "case rupestri" (cave houses),
carved out of the characteristic green rock.
A few kilometres from the city centre, on the
Zaro hill, La Mortella, once the residence of
the British composer Sir William Walton,
has now been opened to the public: the beautiful
gardens comprise over three hundred species
of rare plants, many of them tropical.

Ischia offers a wide variety of beaches,
meeting different tastes and requirements.

CasaLora suggests a visit to: Cartaromana,
south of the Castello Aragonese, characterized
by black rocks; the Spiaggia degli Inglesi,
a small beach off the beaten track;
the Spiaggia dei Maronti, recently restored
to its former splendour; the Spiaggia di Citara
and San Montano Bay, home to the Poseidon and
Negombo spas respectively, surrounded by
luxuriant vegetation; Sorgeto Bay, where
hot springs gush directly into the sea,
the wild beach of Cava dell'Isola, the young
people's favorite one.

There are numerous other places of historical
interest to be found on Ischia. These include
the Castello Aragonese, built on a small island
that emerged more than 300,000 years ago;
the Pilastri aqueduct, dating from 1580;
the Pithecusae archaeological museum in Lacco Ameno,
where finds illustrating the history of the
island from the prehistoric period to Roman
times are on display; the tiny island of Sant'Angelo
is linked to the main island by a narrow sand bar
119 metres long, it once hosted a monastery and
lookout tower that were destroyed in 1809 by the
British army when they forced the French out of the
island. As regards the natural environment, the island
is well worth exploring both by land and by sea in order
to discover delightful beauty spots and splendid views.

How to reach Ischia

Ischia is an island in the Naples Gulf. One can reach it from Naples by ferryboats and hydrofoils. The ferryboat takes about 90', the hydrofoils about 45'.

Who travels by car must catch the ferryboat that leaves from Naples (Molo Beverello) and Pozzuoli.

Who reaches Naples by train or by plane may also catch the hydrofoil that leaves from Naples (Molo Beverello and Mergellina).

· Caremar
ferryboats from Naples and Pozzuoli, hydrofoils from Naples to Ischia and Casamicciola Terme
· Alilauro
hydrofoils from Naples (Molo Beverello and Mergellina) to Ischia and Forio d'Ischia
· MedMar
ferryboats from Naples and Pozzuoli
to Ischia and Casamicciola Terme
· Snav
hydrofoils from Naples (Molo Beverello and Mergellina) to Casamicciola Terme

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